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Our guide will take you on a tour of the brewery of the Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie! Not a museum, no flashy animated screens and videos, but you will discover up-close in the actual brewery how beer is made.  Your host is an experienced beer expert who takes you through the fascinating story of the brewery, the history of beer in Antwerp and explains everything about brewing beer – from malting to fermentation. He will of course also proudly present you the different beers!

A group tour can be booked for groups of 8 people or more *.

The guide will take you into the active brewery and tell you everything about the history of brewing in Antwerp, about our brewery, and show you how we brew beer up close in the actual brewery.

A Tasting of the beer that started everything, Seef beer, is also included in the tour.

Duration about 1 hour.

A guided tour costs 14 € / person.

You can book your visit directly in the calendar below.

*If you are with less than 8 people and still want to book a guide, it will also cost 96€. This amount covers the cost of the guide and entitles you a tour up-to 8 people. If you are with more than 8 people, an extra € 12 per person will be charged.

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Our guides

Rik Van Geel

Rik, a born storyteller – as a writer, actor, stand-up comedian – Rik takes you through the fascinating story of beer brewing, the brewery, and beer in Antwerp.

Rob Dyserynck

Rob is an experienced beer expert and guide of various culinary tours. He was present at the first public tasting of Seefbier, and has since closely involved in the evolution of the young brewery. Passionate and with plenty of humor, he will tell you everything about our beers, beer brewing and our brewery.

Dirk Hayen

Dirk, is a thoroughbred beer connoisseur and beer enthusiast. As the founder of “”, he regularly gives extensive beer tastings and introduces you to the fascinating world of craft beer.

Guy Verdonck

Guy is a beer connoisseur, hobby brewer and above all the author and expert in the history of beer brewing in Antwerp. His book “Vanished Breweries in and around Antwerp” is a classic, and is one of the foundations for the rebirth of Seefbier. If you are into history of beer brewing, this is your guide!

Some practical details

– A guided tour is only possible as of a minimum of 8 people, with a maximum of 20 people per group. (for practical reasons). For larger groups, divide the group over  2 tours / guides.

– A tour can ONLY be booked via the form above. If you want an invoice, this can be entered at the time of booking via “comments” (please also fill in the necessary billing information). The guide will check upon arrival that the number booked matches those present. If there are more visitors, the extra tickets must be paid to the guide, prior to the tour.

– The guide will come to the brewery especially for your visit. If you are delayed, we ask you to give a call either the guide (phone number is included in the booking confirmation) or to (forward to the brewery cafe) so that the guide knows that you are on your way. If you are later, the guide may shorten the tour due to subsequent appointments. If you are more than 20 minutes later without a notification, the guide will assume the tour is canceled and leave. Since the guide was on site especially for you, the missed tour will not be refunded.

Refunds are only possible for cancellations made no later than 1 week before the tours, after which no refunds are possible.

– You visit a real active brewery. For food safety and FASFC regulations, access for pets, including guide dogs, is prohibited. Because the site’s main function is the production of food – and the catering section (where other rules apply) is subordinate – we must strictly adhere to this and are unable to allow any exceptions.

– During weekdays we may be in full production. This gives you a unique view of a brewery in full action, but also entails some restrictions during the visit for security reasons. We count on your understanding and strict adherence to the guide’s guidelines.

* The brewery café is wheelchair accessible (including adapted sanitary facilities). During the tour, the brewing platform is also accessed (via a staircase).

* Our beers are tasty… very tasty! We therefore recommend to come by public transport, or to choose a driver in advance. Tram 24 stops in front of the brewery. In addition, there is a Velopoint (rented city bikes) at the brewery. So if you come to Antwerp by train, you can take a “rental bike / velo” to the brewery itself. Please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.