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With the Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie, the city of Antwerp  has again it’s own local independent brewery. Owned and managed by beer lovers, fully independent of big brewery conglomerates or financial investment groups. We built a new brewery in the center of our city thanks to the support of 1000 Crowdfunders. Together we are writing  a new chapter in the Antwerp beer and brewing history.

Why do we brew beer?

Because we love beer.
We believe that beer is incredibly unique and diverse

We love to explore new tastes, aromas, old and new beer styles.

We honor our Belgian brewing heritage and write a new chapter to this tradition, driven to brew new, memorable, and distinctive beers of absolute top quality.
 We brew beers we like to drink ourselves.

We are a small, local brewery, in the center of Antwerp.
Our brewery is established and run by beer lovers.
It’s completely independent, it doesn’t make part of large brewery groups or investors.
Since 2012, the Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie adds a new chapter to Antwerps rich brewing history.Our brand-new brewery uses the most recent, state of the art  brewing technology.
We combine technology with traditional beer methods, an open-minded brewing spirit and a never ending drive for high-quality.

Beer is a natural product; we pay a lot of attention to the environmentally friendly production of our beers. From 100% green electricity, to heat and energy recovery from the brewing vapor and maximum emphasis  on reusability, sustainability.

Our most important succes factor is our team, together with the enthusiasm of many beer lovers, bar owners  and shop managers who turn this unique dream into reality.

Brewing history of Antwerp


It’s the only one with beer!

Conscious with the environment

The brewery exclusively uses  green electricity – from natural renewable sources – .

We also recover heat and energy from vapors of the brewing process.
Rather than letting the steam-clouds escape into the air, we use a specific techniques and equipment to condensate and reuse the energy.
Our brewhouse and its steam supply are equipped with the most recent, most environmentally friendly energy efficient power generator, elimination any  pollution of sulfur components. The use of water is limited to the absolute minimum, making it top of its class.

Bio degradable event cups

When there are cups needed on a festival for safety reasons (obviously we prefer glass ), we either try to use  reusable cups or if this is not possible we go for biodegradable cups. These bio-degradable cups might look like plastics, but they are actually made of corn starch.
They are completely biodegradable so – even if they end up in the environment – they cause no polution.
All carton for packaging is FSC certified: a label from ecologically managed forests.

Recycled beer crates

Our beer crates are made of recycled plastic from old crates, resulting in the reuse of plastics otherwise lost. As a result, our house style is black: this way we can re-use all types of colored plastic bottles

The crates are filled with reusable bottles, which in turn are also made of recycled glass.

Second life for spent grades

What’s left of the malt after brewing, also called ‘spent grains’, will get a second life as fodder.
Every week a local farm comes to pick up the fodder. It is high-quality feed for the livestock, full of vitamins.

Environmental friendly CO2 from the port

A brewery needs CO2, f.e. to pressurize tanks or kegs. Rather than having additional CO2 produced – there is already too much CO2 in the environment – , we use CO2 produced as by product in the Antwerp port. Rather than blowing of the CO2 into the air, it is now captured, condensed and used by our brewery, resulting in a big environmental advantage.


the team

Ons belangrijkst ingrediënt is echter ons team, die samen met het enthousiasme van vele bierliefhebbers, café uitbaters en winkelverantwoordelijken deze unieke bierdroom realiteit maken.

Founder/ Overall Management

Johan Van Dyck

Founder / Finance & Logistics

Karen Follens


Berten Van Echelpoel

Sales Rep On-trade

Nicolas Pauwels


Sales Rep Retail

Rob Dyserynck



Zaid Al Duleimi

Retail Sales for the Netherlands

Jack Abendanon

(+31)076 8894845

Sales On Trade & Events for the Netherlands

Dre Coppoolse


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