Unique craft pilsner, Antwerp’s only, low-fermented (fusion fermentation), it combines the easy-to- drink character lagers, with the characteristic and mouthfeel of craft beer with a pleasant ‘HOP BITE’.

2 X gold in a row / Best of Belgium 2019 WBA

  • Alc. Vol.
  • 5,6 %
  • Gravity° Plato
  • 12°
  • IBU
  • 28
  • EBC
  • 12

fact sheet

  • Type

    Dry Hopped Lager

  • Malt

    100% malt, no added sugars or adjuncts, only grain.

  • Hops

    Mix of aromatic hop varieties from three continents.
    Late hopping, post kettle hopping, dry – hopping

  • Yeast

    FUSION fermentation, simultaneous with two yeasts (low fermentation).

  • View

    Bright, sparkling blond beer

  • Aroma

    Rich hop aroma’s, tropical fruit, citrus and floral accents.

  • Taste

    Fresh sparkling mouthfeel and a pleasant hop bite with a thirst-quenching aftertaste.

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