What would happen if you let Seef beer mature in oak barrels?
This beer is the result of this experiment.

Subtle touches of wood (oak, vanilla) create a soft wine-like character and tender body, mild sourness with a pleasant soft carbonation. A balanced taste palette which matches the characteristics of Seef beer with wood, zerp and ripening accents.

An experiment by the brewers, a toy for gourmets.

  • Alc. Vol.
  • 6,5 %
  • Gravity° Plato
  • 14°
  • IBU
  • 14
  • EBC
  • 38

fact sheet

  • Type

    Cloudy blonde, unfiltered.

  • Malt

    Buckwheat, oats, wheat, barley.

  • Hop

    Belgian hops.

  • Yeast

    Seef yeast, high yeasting with six weeks of maturation. Hints of some additional wild yeast.

  • View

    The maturation on wood gives the beer a darker color, compared with the original Seef.

  • Aroma

    An intriguing combination between the ‘classic’ ‘Seef flavors’ and ripening flavors, such as vanilla, wood tones and subtle wild yeast.

  • Taste

    The oak barrels give subtle touches of wood, a tender body, light zerp and ripening accents, and a wine-like character.

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