Seefbeer is the historical beer of the city Antwerp, with roots going back to the 16th century.
The beer was so popular that in the 19th century the city quarter “Seefhoek” was named after the beer.

6 X World’s BEST / gold

  • Alc. Vol.
  • 6,5 %
  • Gravity° Plato
  • 14°
  • IBU
  • 17
  • EBC
  • 7

fact sheet

  • Type

    cloudy blond, unfiltered specialty ale

  • Malt

    buckwheat, oats, wheat, barley

  • Hop

    100% Belgian hops

  • Yeast

    Seef yeast, top fermenting with 6 weeks of maturation

  • View

    cloudy blonde with firm creamy beer head

  • Aroma

    Spicy touch (4VG/clove), fruity (banana), and hints of vanilla

  • Taste

    Velvety soft body of malts and grains, with fresh touches of wheat, creaminess from the oats and spiciness off buckwheat and the yeast, deliciously in balans.

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