Let your taste buds get tempt by this spicy Antwerp Tripel.
But don’t get nuts before you know, you lost your heart to this blond beer.
Creamy by the oats, fresh because of the wheat and a healthy mix of barley malt give the beer it’s characteristic. Fruity flavors are perfectly combined with the subtle spicing.

  • Alc. Vol.
  • 8,0 %
  • Gravity° Plato
  • 16,5°
  • IBU
  • 25
  • EBC
  • 38

fact sheet

  • Type

    Antwerp Tripel.

  • Malt

    Blend of oats, wheat and barley.

  • Hop

    Noble European hops.

  • Yeast

    High fermentation with fruity flavors.

  • View

    Gold-blond beer with a creamy collar.

  • Aroma

    Finetuned and complex flavor with fruity and various spicy touches.

  • Taste

    Full spicy tripel.

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