Strong T-infused blond
Traditional style with a twist of tea infusion during the brewing process.

  • Alc. Vol.
  • 8 %
  • Gravity° Plato
  • 16,5°
  • IBU
  • 18
  • EBC
  • 38

fact sheet

  • Type

    Tea infused, strong blond.

  • Malt

    Clean body of noble barley malt.

  • Hop

    Powerful hopping with European noble hops from Czech Republic and Slovenia.

  • Yeast

    High fermentation.

  • View

    Clean, blond, sparkling beer with a bright white collar.

  • Aroma

    Clean flavor with a combination of typical noble hop, tea aromas and yeast fruitiness.

  • Taste

    Powerful refreshing beer, with dry aftertaste, enriched with tea accents.

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